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About Tom...

As a nationally recognized voice talent and veteran Chicago radio personality, Tom has been heard on hundreds of network radio and TV commercials - from McDonald's & Pizza Hut to Discover Card & Buick, to name just a few.
Tom was also the announcer on the classic Oscar Mayer Commercial, "My Bologna has a first name, It’s O-S-C-A-R"... Voted one of the Top 10 GREATEST Commercials of All Time by VH1.

Tom's Studio

Tom also has his own high-end digital tracking and production studio with the same world-class gear found in top recording and post production facilities –
&Sennheiser mics. Neve, Summit & Focusrite mic pre's and processors.

He also has complete phone-patch capabilities including ISDN digital patch as well as standard phone patch with instant delivery via a secure ftp web server.